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In 2012, Ryan Belanger left Morgan Stanley at the age of 30 to start Claro Advisors because he believed in a better way to work with clients than what the traditional brokerage firms were providing.  Better planning, investing, and relationships with clients that all start specifically with their goals in mind.

Today, Claro manages over $650 million of client assets and has grown to include a diverse team of 13 Financial Advisors and 3 dedicated support staff members.  As a younger generation of financial advisors, (the average Claro Advisor is about 40 years old), Claro provides a fresh perspective and unique approach that embraces goals-based planning with modern technology, allowing us to be more efficient so that we have more time to focus on our clients.

The name “Claro” was inspired by the latin translation “to make clear in the mind”.  Our goal is to simplify the chaos of your financial life by carefully walking you through a process that helps you get a handle on where you are today, determine what you want to achieve and then together map out how to get there. We work with you to implement and monitor the strategies needed to simplify the management, preservation and growth of your wealth.

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  • Our passion is working with clients to deliver a world-class experience. We love what we do.
  • Our purpose is to simplify and manage your financial life so that you can give attention to the endeavors that you care about and that demand your time.



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