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Claro’s team is experienced in working with clients through many different life events. We understand that these circumstances bring about lots of questions and typically involve many emotions. We bring clarity to your financial situation to help you avoid emotionally driven decisions that impact your investment portfolio and overall financial plan.


Whether you’re selling restricted stock, stock options, or have other liquidity, we’ll help you manage your concentrated position, diversify your portfolio, manage tax exposure and devise a new long-term plan for your investment portfolio to match your stated objectives.


You’ve spent your entire life working hard to create a nest egg. But you’re not sure if it’s enough. At Claro we work with you to ensure that your investments are aligned with your long-term needs. 


After pouring your heart and soul into building a business we understand the challenges you face when selling a business. Our team has the resources to help you figure out an exit strategy and what to do with your investments once they become liquid.


Understandably a very emotional process. Our team works with clients to ensure that the investment portfolio is aligned with the estate plan so that you can focus your time on what matters to you.


This life event forces you to deal with both financial and non-financial matters. Given your time constraints, our divorce planning specialists will help you manage the investment portfolio so that you can devote your time to other important matters. We’ll work rigorously seeking to get you the best financial settlement possible.


For some clients this may be their first time coming into significant assets. Many questions come along with inheriting wealth. We’ll work with you to create an investment portfolio that fits your new long-term objectives.


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