Meeting your financial needs is my first priority.

Through a combination of deep experience, adaptive use of technology, and an innovative investment process, I help clients, at all stages of life, navigate markets using goals-based planning and proactive client service.

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Personal Income & Estate Tax Modeling
Equity Compensation Planning
Independent, Transparent, and Extensive Financial & Retirement Plans

Let's meet

At our first meeting we will determine three things together:

Destination navigation

A genuine understanding of your future financial goals is a key element to developing an appropriate plan of action. This meeting lets me assess whether you’re on the path to achieving your future goals in light of the financial assets you currently hold.

Can I help you achieve your future financial goals?

I can’t help everyone who comes through my door. After our initial meeting, we should have enough information to fully assess whether further financial review may help you on the path to your desired destination.

Is it a good fit?

I understand that choosing a financial advisor is a very personal and complex endeavor. I will provide you with the information that you need to determine whether you want to take the next step together, but you’re under no obligation whatsoever. Whether you want to continue building a relationship with me is a decision you get to make.
Because I make a fiduciary commitment to each client, your interests are the driving force behind every decision we make together.

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